Due Diligence

The core group of our Acquisition and Divestiture Team consists of two attorneys who possess 70 years collective legal experience in fields impacting acquisitions and divestitures, along with a Special Assistant whose expertise lies in the calculation of mineral and operating interest in oil and gas concerns. Additional experienced professional landmen who work for Miller Land Professionals are added to the team as needed.

Our team specializes in performing the due diligence required by an acquisition or divestiture. This team is exceptional in that from beginning to closing it can identify and develop information for the acquiring clients within a very short timeframe. On one occasion involving an acquisition of more than $100,000,000.00, the acquisition was transformed into a merger at closing. This merger contained a 72 hour deadline to revise all defects and documents to meet the specifications of the merger. This was completed prior to the 72 hour deadline.

Our team has completed numerous due diligence projects in Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas and Wyoming over the last seven years and stands prepared to move on short notice to complete any challenge required of it in the acquisition and divestiture field.